Oral Rehabilitation Treatment in Miami

Get comprehensive oral rehabilitation and dentistry to improve the aesthetic condition and restore the organs' normal functioning.


Dr. Sharp experience

Dr. Bruno Sharp and his team specialize in oral rehabilitation and help patients treat many associated dental problems, such as worn or missing teeth, dark teeth, misaligned teeth, malocclusion, caries, and various chronic infections.
Dr. Bruno Sharp and his team have been working at Sharp Dentistry & Associates for many years. He has successfully completed numerous therapies for the most challenging cases, re-establishing the correct function of the masticatory system and giving a beautiful smile.
Everything you need for dental treatment in one clinic - from diagnostics to complex surgical procedures.
We coordinate the treatment plan with your trips or work schedule, so our patients do not become part of us, even when they change their residence.
Throughout the treatment and after its completion, you are guided by the attending physician, who coordinates the work of all specialists at every stage.
Call us at (305) 857-0990
Call us at
(305) 857-0990

Comprehensive Oral Rehabilitation Treatment in Miami

Under the concept of oral rehabilitation, we mean the comprehensive diagnosis and therapy of the masticatory system using the most complex reconstructive dental procedures in the most challenging cases of tooth loss and masticatory system dysfunction. Oral rehabilitation always requires the teamwork of the best experts in all branches of dentistry under the guidance of a dentist licensed in the field of functional diagnosis and orthodontics.
At Sharp Dentistry & Associates, we use the latest x-ray and digital computer equipment. Hardware diagnostics most accurately reveal pathologies and hidden problems. It makes it possible to assess the state of the entire maxillofacial system and choose the best option for medical care. We prefer minimal invasive intervention with a point impact. This can be done with the latest technologies: laser equipment and endoscopy. Healing with this approach is fast and comfortable.

Meet the Team

At Sharp Dentistry & Associates, oral rehabilitation is carried out by highly qualified, experienced specialists who are regularly trained in new techniques. Meet our team of oral rehabilitation experts aimed at restoring the full function of chewing and a beautiful smile. Our team's adopt an integrated approach helps to get a complete picture of the disease, maintain dental health and reduce treatment costs;
Call us at (305) 857-0990
Call us at
(305) 857-0990

How much does oral rehabilitation treatment cost?

If you are curious to find out how much oral rehabilitation costs in Miami, always remember that each particular case determines the costs of oral rehabilitation. To provide an exact budget, it is necessary to carry out an evaluation at your dentist's dental office. If you want to learn more about how much it costs to encapsulate a tooth, contact Sharp Dentistry & Associates immediately.

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When I have a tooth problem, Dr Sharp is the first person I call. Someone I know introduced me to him at first. To top it all off, I tried to schedule an appointment, but they were all booked up for the next two months. But after hearing mixed opinions from my pals, I opted to hold off. Moreover, it was worth it. Since then, he's been cleaning my teeth.
Amro Z.
When I go there, everything goes smoothly, and they are quick, and on schedule, so it's a fantastic experience overall. All of the dentists and support staff are top-notch. It's a brand-new workplace, incredibly streamlined and clean. They consistently manage to put me at ease.
Michael Kako
We highly recommend Dr Sharp's dentistry clinic. This is a great place to get dental work done; I've been here twice already for bonding and a gum lift, and I felt comfortable both times. The place is adorable. The whole crew, led by Dr Sharp, is dedicated to your well-being and comfort. I'm relieved that I made the right decision to get my work done here.
Jack Morell

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